Dental adapter for Comfort-in™ Pack of 5


The dental adapter has been designed to transfer liquid medication such as lignocaine supplied in cylinder cartridges available in dental clinics to the Comfort-in™ needle-free injection syringe.

To use it, insert a sealed cartridge containing an anesthetic solution into your dental syringe and then screw a new sterile adapter instead of the needle onto the dental syringe. Next, attach the needle-free syringe/nozzle and then slowly and gently push the plunger to fill the syringe/nozzle to the desired dose. Multiple needle-free syringes can be filled from the same cartridge.

Dental adapter for needle-free dental injections with the Comfort-in™.Box of twenty (20).

Box of (5).

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Dental adapter for needle-free dental injections with the Comfort-in™.

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Box of 20, Each