Needle free injection systems comparison

ITEM 1. Comfort-in 2. injex 3. Stratis 4. Medi-Jector 5. Biojector2000 6. Zeta-jet
manufacturer MK Global Injex Pharma or HNS International or EQUIDYNE SYSTEMS INC Pharmajet Antares Pharma BioJect Bioject
image comfort_in injector needle free medi ject injector needle free
Intended use All liquid medication delivery Insulin, growth hormone Vaccines only Insulin, growth hormone All liquid medication delivery All liquid medication delivery
certification CE None*revoked FDA Unknown??? FDA FDA
Disposable components Syringes & adapters Syringes & adapters Unknown??? Syringes & adapters Syringes & adapters
Syringe capacity 0.01 0.5ml variable dose 0.05 – 0.3ml 0.5ml fixed dose Unknown??? Up to 1.0ml 0.1-0.5ml
Power source spring spring spring spring Co2 spring
Availability worldwide Unknown USA Unknown
websites Site off line Site off line
  1. Comfort-in
  2. Injex
  3. Straits
  4. Medi -Jector, T-Jet???
  5. Biojector2000
  6. Zeta-jet

The information about items 3,4,5,6 was obtained from available internet research without any intention to cause commercial damage, we are happy to include more information provided by any of the manufacturers mentioned in the table. All information about item 2 was obtained from our vast experience as Injex distributors in the past the FDA/USA and Medcert the CE notifying body.

ITEM 7. Insujet
manufacturer European Pharma Group BV
Intended use insulin
certification CE
Disposable components Syringes & adapters
Syringe capacity 4 – 40 international units of u100
Power source Spring
Availability unknown

Which needle free injection system is the best one?

Based on my own personal experience, I have discovered the best system has to answer to the following criteria:

  1. It must be designed and approved for the destined application e.g. subcutaneous/ intramuscular.
  2. It must be available to the public to purchase.
  3. Supplier is available for training and answer all your questions.
  4. The manufacturer has up to date certificates and is reliable without history of takeovers, bankruptcies nor forced shut downs by CE and FDA.
  5. Reasonably affordable.