Solution For Podiatrists

Podiatry without needles.


This Comfort-In Needle-Free Injector allows us to administer medications and treatments without the need for traditional needles, reducing pain and anxiety for our patients.


Whether you require localized anesthesia for a procedure or a specific medication to address a foot or ankle condition, our needle-free injector ensures a more comfortable and stress-free experience.


A needle-free injector is a medical device that uses high-pressure to deliver anaesthetic or other fluid (such as insulin) through the skin without the use of a needle. Instead of a needle, the injector uses a high-velocity jet of liquid to penetrate the skin and deposit the medication into the underlying tissue. In some instances, using this device is enough for us to perform whatever is required, and it can be used to numb the area prior to needle usage.


Podiatrists can use the injector for a variety of different treatments, for example:


  1. Digital block for ingrowing nail surgery
  2. Plantar wart removal
  3. Skin lesion removal
  4. Nerve Blocks
    • Tibial nerve
    • Sural nerve
    • Deep and superficial peroneal nerves
  5. Baxter’s neuritis
  6. Plantar fascial pain
  7. Achilles pain
  8. Kager’s fat pad pain
  9. Joint injection for arthritic conditions
  10. Diagnostic studies and/or biopsy
  11. Foreign body removal
  12. Painful or acute neuropathy
  13. Tarsal Tunnel pain
  14. Release adhesions
  15. Prolotherapy


The Comfort-in injection system has many advantages such as:


  • Needle-free injection
  • Virtually painless
  • Reduces tissue damage and scar tissue
  • Reduces psychological inhibitions and fears
  • Minimises injection-induced stress
  • Elimination of injury to patient and physician caused by needle
  • Safe and easy use
  • Most economical on the market, being good for up to 10,000 injections


When correctly applied, the injection with Comfort-in is virtually painless. The sensation can be described as a short slight pressure on the skin surface.  As fluid is pressed under the skin the patient will sense the injection more or less, depending on the volume and the individual sensitivity.


It is possible to complete a toe-block using the Comfort-In for nail surgery. Ankle blocks are possible, though it is recommended to supplement with a needle for more depth. It is also very useful when performing prolotherapy where several injection sites are used.


Many Podiatrists using the Comfort-In have reported that their patients have been very appreciative of having the injector used on them prior to any needle usage. The cost effectiveness of this device is easy to appreciate, and so will your patients.

Injections in sensitive areas are no fun for anyone, especially in ones such as the feet, so needle free injection are a must for practitioners of podiatry. With the needle free injection system, the fear and trauma associated with needle injections can be put to rest. Podiatrists are using this needle free delivery solution to inject antibiotics, anaesthesia and other medicines.

Podiatrists want to make the procedure as comfortable and pain free for their patients, especially those who need treatment for painful conditions of the foot and ankle. The needle free injections have been used frequently when treating conditions like ingrown toenails and plantar warts.

With the Comfort-in™ needle-free injection system, the fear and trauma associated with needle stick injuries can be put to rest. Podiatrists are using this needle-free injection system to inject antibiotics, anaesthesia and other medicines.


“I went looking for ways to improve the treatment experience and make my patients more comfortable. Since using the Comfort-in™ needle free system, I’ve been able to perform nail surgery for patents that were previously too fearful of the pain associated with an injection into the toe.” – Thomas Do Canto


Thomas is a podiatrist passionate about providing a comfortable and pain-free environment for the treatment of painful conditions of the foot and ankle. He frequently uses the Comfort-in™ needle free system when treating ingrown toenails and plantar warts. Thomas works in North Sydney at Walker Street Sports Podiatry where he provides treatments with the use of the Comfort-in™ needle-free system.

Dr Miriam Ghandour

Dr Miriam Ghandour is a passionate podiatrist who has graduated from University of Western Sydney with a Bachelor of Health Science/ Master of Podiatric Medicine. Dr Miriam has worked under the guidance of many specialists in the field and has been mentored by podiatric surgeons in hospitals and private clinics enabling her to attain valuable knowledge and experience in all areas of podiatry. Some of which include geriatrics, paediatrics, orthotic therapy, sport related injuries, soft tissue therapy, diabetic foot and general foot care.

Dr Miriam was granted the unique opportunity to pursue practical experience with Dermatopathologists from Bako Diagnostics in Georgia, United States and was the first Australian to engage in this fellowship program.

Dr Miriam is a proud member of the Australian Podiatry Association.  Her area of interest resides in non-invasive ingrown nail removal surgery from paedeatric to adults through to geriatrics. She works collaboratively with General Practitioners, Allied Health and Specialists to provide personalised care that caters to the unique needs of her diverse client base.