Zoe Pet Jet Injector Alternative

What is Zeo Pet Jet?

Needle-free injections for pets are becoming more common. Pet owners have been looking for more humane ways of administering medication. Pet owners are looking for a way to inject medicines without causing their pets pain. That’s why when Zoe Pet Jet was on the market, it became very commons. No more pain for the pets and the owners don’t have to suffer watching their loved ones in pain. Zoe Pet Jet was a needle-free injector that came on the market in 1995 that was explicitly for vets and pet people to inject their pets. Many of these people who used this insulin injection device for their pets, used it only for dogs and cats with diabetes, to give them insulin shots without needles or pain.

Zoe Pet Jet No Longer Available

Zoe Pet Jet is no longer available as the company who distributed it has shut down. The company is no longer supplying the Zoe Pet Jet injection device or the supplies to pet owners. This was a surprise to many users, but it just might be good, because a better alternative is available, so you don’t have to worry about your pets.

There is an alternative – a better device!

Previous customers report that ZoeJet was cumbersome and confusing to use. However, we have received feedback from a few customers who are now using the Comfort-in™ for injecting insulin in cats and dogs. They feel it’s much easier to use. There haven’t been many other alternatives to the Zeo Pet Injector. Most others were large and heavy to hold. Some sat on a stand and caused pain because they were meant for large animals. That’s why having the Comfort-in™ as an alternative has been a life-saver for many pet owners. Knowing they still have a solution for administering shots to their pets while causing no pain and the least discomfort possible.