W.H.O. Trials Needle Free Vaccinations in Cambodia

WHO inject

A needle free vaccinations device recently trialed in Cambodia has, so far, proved safe and easy to use. In simple terms, the disposable syringe jet injector (DSJI) uses high pressure to push the vaccine through the skin.

The World Health Organisation’s Polio Eradication arm has reported that Cambodian health workers have quickly taken to the new technology – needle free vaccinations. At taining sessions in the lead-up to a measles vaccination campaign in November, they were taught about needle-free vaccines. By the end of the first day of training, the group of experienced vaccinators, who had never seen a DSJI before, had become familiar with the jet injector. They practiced on rubber balls and then injected each other with sterile saline. The team then took to the field, vaccinating children in underserved villages. In Koh Thom (around 50km south of Phnom Penh), using the DSJI under the supervision of a team of consultants and international staff trained in the device’s use.

Vaccines can currently be used with the Comfort-in™ Injects50 needle-free injector. For more information, please contact us.

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