Using Podiatry Needle-Free Jet Injector – Reduce the Anxiety of Injection for Children

Using Podiatry Needle-Free Jet Injector - Comfort-in

Children make sensitive patients. If they are scared of doctors the thought of a syringe and injection can push them into a panic state.

Moreover, children’s feet are very soft and sensitive. Nail Surgery or painful conditions like plantar warts or ingrown toenails are already a nightmare for children. Therefore a podiatrist needs to comfort his little patients and put them at ease. When the issue of injections does arise it is pertinent to go for a pain-free needle.

Children are averse to painful treatments and adding to the painful injection especially in a sensitive area like the foot can only increase fear, anxiety, and trauma in a child. Using needle-free jet injectors does, to a large extent, reduced anxiety levels in children. It is only then that their visits to their podiatrists can be happy.

When they visit a podiatrist with the knowledge that they will be treated using a jet injector which is needle-free and not painful needle sticks, children tend to be more open to going to the podiatrist’s clinic. They then do not create a fuss which makes for a very pleasant experience for both, parents and child.

Jet injectors use pressure to make the medicine permeate the skin quickly. It is almost painless and is considered safe. Anesthesia, antibiotics, and various other medicines are injected by the jet injector.

Needle-free jet injectors are a painless alternative to those scary, painful, and traumatizing needle sticks which are not completely safe either.

Needle-free podiatry is practiced by modern podiatrists as it helps towards a pleasant patient experience.  This is particularly required especially when a scared child is being treated. Podiatrists who care about making the experience of children comfortable and pain-free must use jet injectors.