Needle-Free: Taking the Ouch out of Health & Beauty

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are prescribed self-injection needles to manage various conditions. Hormone levels, diabetes and even erectile dysfunction are treated in part by patients, at home. As you might imagine, self-injections can cause a lot of anxiety. After all, they hurt! Now, however, there’s a new technology available to patients who… Continue reading Needle-Free: Taking the Ouch out of Health & Beauty

What is Needleless Injection?

Needleless injection is done by a device which is used to inject medicine, vitamins, and other injectables into the body without the use of needles. Needleless Injection Defined: These needle-free devices usually use one of two mechanisms to inject medicine without needles. Some needle-free (or needleless) device will use air. Others will use a spring mechanism… Continue reading What is Needleless Injection?