Comparison of the Pharmajet to the Comfort-in™

Pharmajet manufactures a couple of needle-free injection devices. However, all their needle-free devices are currently only available in limited forms by prescriptions for vaccinations or other pre-loaded medicines.

Their device is FDA approved for vaccines. It used a spring action.

Pharmajet used to sell a needleless injection device that was available to the general public, however, that was discontinued, and no further news regarding whether or not they will bring it back to the market has been available.

Because their devices are only available via a prescription and to professionals only, their use is limited. They are not available for applications such as insulin.

Compare jet injectors and you’ll see the Comfort-in™ is the most versatile, widely available needle-free injection system in the world. Unlike the devices above, Comfort-in™ is available to the general public and professionals.

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