Pets With Diabetes and without needles

The Comfort-in™ can also serve as an insulin for dogs or other pets. Given that pets can be quite active, injecting them with needles has always been challenging. With needle-free syringe, the process becomes much easier, and they won’t feel a thing.
The purpose of this page is to make life easier for you and your beloved pet. For us, our dogs have always been a part of our family. In fact, the favourite child, so we know how you feel.
In all enquiries there will be someone stressed about how to deliver the insulin for dogs in the easiest way without needles stick injuries, as no one want to get hurt.
This when you start searching online for an alternative to needles.
We have a group of people located all over the world currently using this device, happy to share their experience with you.
Please watch the videos, read testimonials and ask questions.
Please go to the “contact us” page, where you can email us, WhatsApp, FaceTime, chat. We will answer and in all cases will find someone near you in your time zone ready to help.
Diagnosing diabetes in dogs is easy to confirm with simple tests for glucose (sugar) in the blood and urine. Dogs, just like humans, experience pain and we aim to alleviate the pain associated with needles. If you want to provide your dog with leading care, think about purchasing this device.