Only Sci-Fi Doctors Used it. Now it’s Available to Consumers.

For years, we’ve watched sci-fi films and shows with medicine that seems years in the future. But, sometimes you’d be surprised to find out that it’s available now. For example, needle-free injection devices. Devices that inject medicine, insulin, and other liquids without the use of needles or the pain associated.

Most recently, the device used in Netflix’s Lost In Space to inject medicine without pain and without needles. Yes, you read that right. This device injects liquid into the body without the use of needles. Seems something only available in the future where science-fiction lives.

The Comfort-In™ is a needle-free injection device that is being used by professionals and individuals to inject liquid medicine, vitamins, and other substances. On Lost In Space, the doctor uses it to administer a sedative in the first episode. In the following episodes, it’s used for anesthesia, vitamins, and more. The great news is that this is a real device that you can use right now.

Many people are using the Comfort-In™ to inject insulin, b12, hormones, and other medicines, vitamins, and liquids. The Comfort-in™ allows you to inject the same medicines that you would usually use a needle for.

Whether it’s Startrek or the new Lost In Space, the medicine of the future is here today.