Needle-free Insulin. A Comparison of the Insujet and the Comfort-in™

People may wonder what the difference is between the InsuJet™ and the Comfort-in™. While both are needle-free jet injectors, there are differences which we will discuss below, and we feel the features of the Comfort-in™ make it the best choice for needle-free injectors on the market.

When making your decision about the injector must suitable for you and your needs, you must consider the financial aspect, features and technical specifications. Hopefully, there is enough information in this post for you to form your own opinion and pick the best needle-free injection device for yourself and your needs.

Adapters and applications

InsuJet™ is a device that is marketed as a device specifically to deliver ONLY certain insulin, and as such, it’s limited because it only comes with two adapters. One is for insulin vials and the other is for insulin pen cartridges. The Comfort-in™, on the other hand, has a range of adapters to suit all types of insulin. There are five total adapters available, making it extremely versatile and suitable for much more than just insulin. For example, The Comfort-in™ has adapters to fit the crimped diameter of 14mm or 22mm, insulin pens, dental adapters, and a Luer or universal adapter. This makes the Comfort-in™ not just more compatible with all types of insulin, but also available for other uses.

Dosage Restrictions

InsuJet™ requires that you are using a minimum dosage of 4 units. You can use up to 40 units per injection. This presents a problem (making it not suitable) for adults., and especially children, who use one, two, two-and-a-half, or three (1, 2, 2.5 or 3) units of insulin, as well as those requiring larger dosages. By comparison, the Comfort-in™ can deliver any dose between 0.5 units and 50 units (0.05ml-0.5ml) of insulin.


InsuJet™ says that their injector is tested for 2190 injections. If you require four injections a day (as most people with diabetes), it will last you for about 548 days or 18 months. The Comfort-in™ is designed to deliver 10,000 injections. Based on the same usage of 4 injections a day, the Comfort-in™ should last more than 6 years!

Dosage Range: 4 units and 40 units.
Total injections: 2,190.

Dosage Range: 0.5 units and 50 units (0.05ml-0.5ml) of insulin.
Total injections: 10,000.

*All information about the InsuJet™ was taken from their website and their leaflet on March 22, 2017.