Needle Free Injections in Pediatric Dentistry: Comfort in your Child’s Treatment

Pediatric Dentistry - Comfort in

Needleless devices have been developed to provide anesthesia without needles. Very little controlled research has been conducted to find out the acceptability of needleless devices in pediatric patients. Among one of these studies, the aims were to compare children’s acceptance and preference for one type of needleless jet injection with classical local infiltration as well as to evaluate the efficacy of needleless anesthesia. Eighty-seven non-fearful children with no previous experience of dental anesthesia were studied using a split-mouth design. The first dental procedure was performed with classical infiltration anesthesia. The same amount of anesthetic was administered using the needleless device in a second session 1 week later, during which a second dental procedure was performed. Patients rated their acceptance and preference for the 2 methods, and the dentist recorded data about the need for additional anesthesia. Most (73.6%) of the children preferred the needless method. Among the 87 treatment procedures attempted following the use of INJEX, 80.5% required fewer anesthesias, compared with 2.3% of those attempted following traditional infiltration. Needless infiltration was more effective, acceptable, and preferred compared with the traditional method. (Anesth Prog. 2010 Spring).

In the above context, we clearly see a context of how the needleless technique proved to be better than that of the traditional method. One-third of the world population (2.4 billion) suffers from dental problems making pediatric dentistry one of the biggest buyers of syringes. Every traditional method uses  2 to 3 uses of syringes and the patient suffers equal pain all the time and after all these times was the pain worth it? The highest-paid profession amidst taking huge bucks for dental problems couldn’t relieve the pain and the discomfort that takes place in the procedure. The solution for these problems lies in only one device which is needle-free injection. The pain that is caused to our loved ones is unbearable to us but unfortunately, most of them have to go through them but with the help of needleless injections there is an end to the problems.

A major discomfort is when the child’s treatment is going on and he/she has to go through the equipment which causes pain and causes bleeding of the gums. To stop this pain the dentist gives anesthesia which is painful itself. So Comfort-in has commendably come up with the solution to create pain-free anesthesia which is pain-free and far better than the traditional method.



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