Needle-free Injections for Palliative Care

Delivery of medication with needle-free devices has existed for many years. We were amazed watching the original ‘Star Trek’ series and the needle-free hypospray used by Dr. McCoy,  but even in the 60’s, this technology was far from science fiction.

injector kitOur Comfort-in™ needle-free injection system is available to the public through pharmacies in Australia and via our website in North America. People with diabetes will be able to change their current method of injection with needle-free injection. People undergoing treatment for cancer and their carers will be able to use our needle-free system.

This means palliative treatment, which often relies on injected medicines and drugs to reduce or control the side effects of cancer treatments and symptoms of other advanced illnesses can often be administered without needles. This is a reduced burden for caregivers and less upsetting for patients. In advanced cancer and old age, as most of these drugs are injectables, any palliative treatment or product that can reduce the frequency many needle-syringe injections may help live more comfortably with reduced bruising and pain from traditional needle based injections.