Needle-free Injection System – Eliminates Needles and the Pain and Phobia

Needle-free Injection System

A needle-free injection system gives a very promising picture of how the future of drug delivery will be.  It is nearly painless and totally efficient, besides helping the patient to feel bright in a positive way. Patients feel more secure when being treated because the pain and complications that arise due to the use of needle-sticks are totally eliminated.

Drugs are infused right through the skin by using Lorentz, pressure by gas, shock waves, and electrophoresis –even viscous drugs can be administered with the needle-free injection system.

The danger of needle-stick injuries and using the same syringe multiple times is another concern that is eliminated.  This makes the option of using needleless injections superior to using the conventional needle which pokes and works adversely on the psyche of a patient.

Most of the time patients have a phobia of needles. These types of patients are difficult to handle unless one opts for the needle-free injection system. Patient care is very important today and doctors all over the world are working towards it. Therefore most doctors are going for this kind of drug delivery system.

The traditional injections are also more expensive which adds to its number of drawbacks. The needleless injections are effective and do not have the limitations of the regular injections like injuries, needles not being good to use more than once, looking daunting to patients especially those with needle-phobia, etc.

Needle-free injections do not pierce the skin and can be used for various purposes like dispensing insulin, Vitamin B12, anesthesia, and also immunization and vaccination among other uses. A needle-free injection system can be used for liquid as well as powder doses.

Therefore, the next time you need to visit a doctor does not procrastinate or avoid it because it will not be as painful anymore.