I don’t Know What I Would do Without my Needle Free Injector

You can learn more about the what the needle free injector can do for you if you or a loved one is living with diabetes. We receive many comments every week from other customers who are happy to find a way to manage their insulin injections without the need for needles.

Here is some recent feedback from happy customers using the needle free injector.

“I used the Medi-Jector injector for about 30 years until they stopped making it for diabetics… So glad to find the Comfort-In. I usually buy enough supplies to last a year, so I don’t buy them that often, but I don’t know what I would do without them… More doctors need to know about the Comfort-in so more people will use them. It is way better than a needle.”
Jean B – Comfort-in™ customer from Kentucky, USA

I can’t imagine what I would do without my Comfort-In®. Dealing with diabetes is hard enough. Dealing with needles on top of that makes it so much harder. The Comfort-In® just means I have one less stress and one less poke.

Mary C. – USA

“I used many needle-free devices through the years, Medijector, Injex. The Comfort-In® is the best. The vial adapter does not leak Lin the Injex system. The syringes are well made, they do not shatter or leak like the Injex system. The Comfort-In is a perfect size easy to hold. The injections are painless no bruising like other systems. I would recommend to any diabetic looking for the best needle-free device.”

– Comfort-In® customer Louis.

needle free injection

In the video above a ten-year-old demonstrates how easy and painless it is to use the needle free injector.