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comfort in LogoWhat is the Comfort-in®?

The Comfort-in® is an easy to use, virtually pain-free, needle-free jet injector system, which eliminates the fear, pain, and danger of needles from the injection process. We believe it’s the most versatile injector on the market.  The Comfort-in can be used by both professionals and patients at home for almost anything you would typically use a needle to inject. Common uses include insulin injections, use in dental clinics, vitamin injections such as methyl B12, men who have erectile dysfunction (ED), hormone therapy, growth hormones, IVF treatments, allergy shots, and so much more.

As much as 25% of adults and up to 75% of children have needle-phobia. Needle phobia contributes to situations where adult patients delay or forego treatment altogether, and physicians and other professionals such as dentists are left in an awkward position of having to cause pain. Parents are left with the tough decision of causing their child pain, or not getting the proper medical care.

Do you want an alternative to needle-based syringes – a more comfortable and calm solution for injecting medicine and supplements? The Comfort-in™ is your solution to a virtually painless injection rather than having to endure the fear, anticipation, and pain of a needle.

Economic and Environmental Impact

The Comfort-in™ can be used for up to 10,000 injections – which makes it the longest lasting reusable needle-free injector that we know of on the market, while other devices are limited to as little as 1,000 injections. The longer use life of the Comfort-in™ means less waste ending up in landfills, and lower overall cost for the consumer. Also, unlike needles, there are no special hazardous waste disposal requirements. The injector parts can be sent to recycling depending on local requirements. Also, we do not use any gases or liquid propellants like CO2.

How do I get this revolutionary device?

The Comfort-in™ needle-free injection system is available to the general public and to professionals around the world, for purchase online at You can also find the Comfort-in™ in pharmacies throughout Australia. The Comfort-in™ starter kit contains everything necessary to get started. Additional disposable components (such as syringes and adapters) can be purchased from pharmacies or online at

How do I use Comfort-in™?

You can visit for detailed instructions including videos. Every kit comes with an instruction manual, and additional manuals are available in other languages on our website. Some of the pharmacies in Australia also demonstrate the use for customers.

Some of the pharmacies in Australia who carry the Comfort-in™ also demonstrate the use for customers.

How does Comfort-in™ work?

Liquid medications are transferred into the needle-free nozzle/syringe via adapters. There are 5 different adapters available to suit all types of injectable liquid from any type of pen, vial or cartridge. The needle-free nozzle/syringe can contain up to 0.5ml per single injection. After loading the injector, the liquid medication in the nozzle/syringe is propelled effortlessly as a small jet into the body via a spring-action.

The liquid medication disperses into the subcutaneous tissue via the path of least resistance, in a cone-like shape. No sharp needles are penetrating through delicate skin and tissue. This reduces the likelihood of tissue damage, the formation of scar tissue and the chance of developing lipo-hypertrophy (lumps under the skin caused by multiple injections in the same area of skin over an extended period or reusing the same needle without correct sterilization). This is a common issue for people living with Type 1 Diabetes.

The Comfort-in™ needle-free injection is fast, safe, quickly absorbed by the body and ‘virtually’ painless.

Needle-phobia and the discomfort of ongoing needle injections is a real barrier for many people who require ongoing medical care. Comfort-in™ is here for those people, whatever their needs may be.

comfort in Logo

Who is Comfort-in™?

We are committed to providing reliable needle-less injection technology to both professionals and private users alike, and we aren’t going anywhere!

Those who are familiar with needle-free technology will be aware that in the last two decades, some companies around the world declared an interest in developing ‘needle-free’ injector systems. What has happened to them? Some went bankrupt, and some couldn’t keep up with supply demands. One sold their jet injector technology to a massive syringe and needle manufacturer who put it on a back shelf, another to a pharmaceutical company requiring a prescription and limited use and availability.

We are proud to stand by our commitment to continue to provide the Comfort-in™ to the general public as well as professionals. We have no intention of selling to syringe or needle companies, or pharmaceutical companies that would restrict your access to this revolutionary product.

You can learn more, or purchase this revolutionary device here.