Children Needle phobia

It’s already traumatic for children to know that they suffer from a condition that makes them different from the rest of their friends. The traditional way of injecting – that is, pricking with needles – can be overwhelming and aggravate the child’s mental state. This is why parents and professionals use techniques such as calming or distracting the child, singing nursery rhymes, or playing soothing music when giving a shot.

Imagine having to go through it every day.

The ordeal of injections can also strain the parent-child relationship. There are reports of kids becoming distressed at seeing the signs of an impending injection, such as a parent preparing to hold their hand. This is because the child begins associating these things with the shots themselves. The trauma can be so overwhelming that parents frequently delay treatment until the child is older, or stop the treatment altogether.

In the case of B12, this can be catastrophic.

Some parents have reported trying anesthetic creams at the injection site. Some have tried giving injections to their children while they are asleep, though this raises concerns about trust and consent which could impact the development of their relationship.

Jet injectors like the Comfort-in™ make injections for children simple, safe, stress-free, needle-free, and pain-free. In fact, kids can easily self-administer the shots. Of course, as mentioned, this practical solution can be used for more than just B12. Even their vaccination trips can be more pleasant thanks to a needle-free experience.