Needle less injections for pernicious anaemia

Imagine a world where the discomfort of injections is a thing of the past, especially for those battling chronic conditions like pernicious anaemia. This once obscure illness, often hidden in the shadows of more common ailments, silently undermines the lives of many, impacting their vitality and daily routine. Step into the future of medical treatment… Continue reading Needle less injections for pernicious anaemia

Why Use the Comfort-in™

Virtually painless  Injections are painless, unlike those done with all sharp needles. Injectable vitamins and vitamin B12 You can use it also for insulin for dogs, dental anesthesia, weight loss , IVF hormone injections, trimix injection and other injectable liquids. Simple and easy to use  Very safe and extremely easy to use, even for kids or… Continue reading Why Use the Comfort-in™

Needle-Free Methyl B12 Injections

Methylcobalamin is one of the two active forms of B12. Its superb utility comes from both increasing B12 levels and reducing homocysteine simultaneously. Thus, for many patients it solves two problems at once. It generates S-adenosyl methionine, the most crucial methyl donor we have, further helping the body in vital processes. Therefore, methyl B12 is… Continue reading Needle-Free Methyl B12 Injections