Beware of the Fake Needle Free Injections

Beware of the Fake Needle Free Injections

Needle-free injections are the epitome of medicine for people who have a phobia of needles and basically for people who do not wish to experience pain because of medicine. The needleless injections are growing in demand and popularity. There are a lot of legitimate companies who are authorized to sell them but there are a lot more companies that are fake and do not abide by the safety rules issued by the government. The fake needleless injections cause major problems for the user. Therefore, it is high time to be cautious about fake needleless injections.

The cheaper knock-off injections have a lot of problems. Some issues with the fake products include lack of accessories, problematic injections, bodily harm, and lack of support as well. Each of the needleless injections has attachments that have a definite purpose as shown on the user manuals of each box. So when some parts of the accessories are worn out by use, the spare parts are to be used. The fake ones, however, contain no accessories so you must purchase the entire thing as a whole just for one part. Would you buy a car knowing you’d have to buy another one if the tired got worn out or
would you just change the tires?

The fake injections are often faulty. They break easily and/or do not administer the drug properly. Some people end up taking half of their prescribed dosage causing serious harm to the organs. Just for a second imagine if you’re in the middle of administering the drug via a faulty injection and a part of it breaks apart and plunges itself inside your skin. Just to add to your trouble, there can be frequent leaks in the injections as well.

The fakes cause serious bruises and harm the body which the real one promises you will not have to deal with. The bruises can also cut deep, and you would not know until you would have it checked by a doctor. On the other hand, you will be provided no support whatsoever by the fake producers. And as a consumer, you have every right to know what you push down in your body. That is why these products are not approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the USA and UK and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for Australia. So unknowingly purchasing the fakes for a little bit of
less money from online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon or even from your local shop is a very risky thing to do. It is like crossing the streets with headphones in your ears and a blindfold on your eyes.

There are various ways to detect fake needleless injections. They are not approved by the FDA, TGA or the government body in your respective countries. You will be provided no accessories with the products. There will be no warranty and even if you do mistakenly purchase them, you can try to contact their support staff regarding the problems you may face, and you will notice they will not get back to you.

In conclusion, needleless injections are here to relieve you from your troubles by inducing painless, smooth drug deliveries. The fakes are out there. So be cautious about what you consume. If you do not, you may end up doing more harm than good to yourself.